Poems as lyrics

The differences between poetry and singing may become less important in what direction music is put, to the point that any distinction becomes untenable. This is perhaps recognized in the way popular songs have lyrics.

However, the verse may predate its melody (in the sense that “Rule Britannia” was set to music, and “And made these feet in ancient times” became the hymn “Jerusalem”), or the melody it can be Lost over time, but the words survive, accompanied by a number of different melodies (this is especially common with songs and ballads).

(In song, ballad, blues, song, folk song, hymn, book, lying, lullaby, march, hymn of praise, round, spiritual). Nursery rhymes can be songs or verses: the term does not mean a distinction. The ghazal is a sung form which is considered primarily poetic. See also rap, the roots of hip-hop music.

Similarly, the drama verse can usually be judged (at its best), as poetry, but not composed of poems (see dramatic verse).

In baroque music, melodies and their texts in which the prose. Instead of coupled lines are rhetorical phrases or paragraphs consisting of an opening gesture, an amplification (often with sequences), and a narrow (with a cadence); German Vordersatz-fortspinnung-Epilog.

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